Friday, November 7, 2008

Delicious Change

An awesome likeness of Obama made out of 1,240 cupcakes. Now THAT is my kind of President!


Anonymous said...

This is change we can all agree on. A rainbow of cupcake-wonder to celebrate a significant event in the country's evolution.

Be cautious though, you young Democrats. Yes, the Republicans have deservedly been banished to the outhouse of national relevance, but not based on the ideas of the Democrats. George W. Bush is the one person to whom the Democrats owe so much good fortune. He and his ilk have been rejected for their ideas and deed, and they will soon be gone. They leave behind large problems and complete control by the Democrats.

President-elect Obama is undeniably talented and transcends (I think) his party. He is a symbol of the change the country wants. But, the path from here to a Utopian "there" is unclear. If any group can shoot itself in the foot, it is the Democrats. We will now watch the philosophy of President Obama unfold. I suspect his greatest problems will not be with Republicans, of whom few are left, or their bosses, the corporations and lobbyists, but with the extreme elements of his own party. A new set of lobbyists and monied interests will appear, all intent on making money from government policy or molding it to their advantage in someway.

Can President Obama and the new Congress act on behalf of and in the best interests of the majority of Americans? Hold your hats and buy many cupcakes to stockpile for the days ahead. Progress will be slow. Let's hope it is progress and not more of the same, masquerading now as a Donkey instead of the disgraced Elephant.

Sorry to be a downer. Go Griz!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to post anonymously (post immediately before). I take full responsibility for all of my misdeeds.

Thanks to Lizzie and Paige for the
"Baracking" T-shirt. I will wear it with pride among my tribe of bike riders and couriers, though it is a little risque for an old guy. Arnold G.

John said...

Arrrgh! It keeps posting anonymously. (John said)