Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big hats make me happy

So I know I said I was going to restart the blog… but then I didn’t… but now I’m back! And with fun stories and everything. First up, the Kentucky Derby.

One of my clients when I worked in Seattle was based in Lexington, Kentucky and I learned quite a bit about the Kentucky Derby from those girls: everything needs to be big. Big hats, big hair, big boobs (if you’ve got them. I don’t). And I LOVE big hats and big hair and big boobs. So when I was invited to a Kentucky Derby this year to benefit Oregon Active, I jumped at the chance.

The day started out with mimosas (okay, just champagne) with the girls at 8:30am and snowballed into mint juleps and vodka sodas by 2pm. There were some amazing hats that were clearly crafted by very creative women. A guy friend of mine was there in a plaid blazer, pink chinos, green boat shoes and a pink tie. Everyone really went all out and it couldn’t have been more fun. I FULLY recommend everyone throw one of these parties every year if for nothing else than the fun of dressing up.

I see many a theme party in my future…

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