Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Big Move

I've been in Missoula about about a week and a half and I thought a blog would be the best way to update all the people I love on life in the Garden City.

Things have been pretty hectic, but I'm finally starting to feel settled. I arrived two Sundays ago and moved into my new house the next morning. The movers, who weren't supposed to be in Missoula with my things until May 9th, showed up at 8am Monday morning. There I was, planning to sleep on the floor with no furniture or dishes (not to mention my extensive and very necessary shoe collection), and all of a sudden the house was packed with 50+ boxes and disassembled beds and tables. Paige, Justin and our friend Joe were all very helpful and we got most of the boxes unpacked and things put together in a few days. In the process, we filled three huge mattress bags as tall as Paige and me with paper and trash. These bags and boxes sat in the front yard for several days, making my neighbors question just what kind of trashy (pun not intended) person had moved in next door.

Last Thursday I started my new job at Spiker Communications and have been slowly getting the hang of things and learning about our clients. Our clients are pretty exciting affluent resorts and developments and I'm looking forward to making some trips to see the sites later this summer.

My parents and their puppy, Tony Bennett, came to visit last weekend and help me paint the inside of my new house. We had a great weekend with beautiful weather. We rode bikes, went to the farmers market and ventured out to the annual Missoula BrewFest. We didn't get a ton of painting done, but it was so nice no one wanted to stay inside. Not very exciting updates, but I'm sure I'll have more once I'm here a bit longer.
For those of you who want/need a Jackson update, he is doing quite well. He is adjusting to not spending every day with Grandma, but I take him to work with me a few times a week and have signed him up for "Doggie Hikes." They come pick him up, but him on the doggie bus and cart them up to the hills for a three hour hike. As for coming into the office, everyone loves him except the other office dog, Wrangler (FYI, everyone here names their dog something similar to that: Wrangler, Wyatt, Austin, Houston, Rodeo, Carhartt, Big Sky. It's ridiculous. Maybe I should tell people I named him Jackson for Jackson Hole or something...). Wrangler stays away from him so Jackson has started following Wes Spiker and his son Jared around the office hoping they'll play with him like Grandpa used to do. Wes has taken quite a liking to him, which bodes well for me (yes, I'm using my dog for professional advancement).
Justin is graduatin from the U this weekend, so I'm sure I'll update again soon... Love, Lizzie

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bjackson said...

Great photos! Loved the one of you and Paige...great black blouse!