Friday, May 16, 2008

Jackson is a Hunter

That's right. Montana has rubbed off on Jackson and he's killing things. He's working his way up slowly, kiling smaller animals and ripping their insides out to show me. So far he's killed a rabbit, a chicken, something I couldn't recognize and another dog.

Today it was a squirrel and a kitten.

Granted, they didn't run or put up too much of a struggle. Just the occasional squeek here and there. Even now, he plays with their deflated little bodies, flinging them rapidly from side to side while his slobber goes flying onto the legs of innocent bystanders. He's currently having his way with a large monkey. No, monkeys are not native to Montana, but still worth killing in Jackson's eyes:

Look at how pleased he is with himself...

On another note, I've taken a few pics of my new office and the cool trout tank I look at every day at the request of a few different people. The office I work in is an old Packard dealership and has exposed bricks walls and beautiful unfinished wood floors. The middle of the office has a large atrium with lots of light and trees and bushes everywhere.

I'm finishing painting the house this weekend and then I'll send pics next week. Justin left for vacation without mowing my lawn, so it looks like I might have to do it myself...trouble :).


Alyson said...

Jackson! You're such a man!! I miss the little guy! Excited to see him in a week :)

John said...

This account triggered memories of the great Jedediah Jackson Bennett, the tri-color Corgi who traveled with J. W. in the latter part of the 1800s. Montana challenged man and beast in those days. Jedediah helped J. W. by rounding up parishioners and herding them to Sunday service. He is reputed to have fought grizzlies to a stand-still, and to this day is legend for his slobber during games of pinecone "throw and fetch" played with J. W. Though long gone, the spark of Jedediah seems to have carried on in his namesake: Jackson.

Gloria said...

I am now a google blogger instead of annonamous. The wonders of the net.
Tony must be feeling Jacksons influence because, he too, has been doing his share of hunting.
He hunts mostly frogs and lambs but pretty good for a puppy. The genes of Jedediah run strong.
Good luck on your painting.

Katie said...

Dolly hunts bras, grass clumps, the hairdryer, and a broom.

Jackson sure looks feisty in that picture(: Miss you guys!