Monday, June 2, 2008


So I’m pretty sure that anyone who reads this knows that I have an unnatural and undying love for Bill Clinton. Go ahead, judge me if you like, but I LOVE HIM. I think he’s so amazing and was pretty much rooting for Hillary because Bill would have been involved in the presidency again (there were other reasons, but still). So Saturday night I was out with some friends headed to a bar called Red’s and we walked by the Mo Club (where I did all the Irish Car Bombs) and it was unusually packed. I take another look and everyone inside has their cell phones out and they’re taking pictures of something. Ever the curious (and star-struck) person, we go in to check it out.

It takes me about 30 seconds to realize that the person eating a burger at the back of the bar is BILL CLINTON. I immediately (and audibly) squealed and unceremoniously pushed my way through the locals and hoochie college girls to be up in front by him. Perfect timing because as soon as I did, he stood up to go to the bar. And I met him. And shook his hand. And had a drink. And when I shook his hand, in typical uncool fashion, I said “It’s nice to meet you. Ohmygodthisissoinsane…” He laughed and everyone got a drink and he just chatted with everyone and was so amazing. He has very, very white hair, is kind of pudgy and looks very old. I left the bar visibly shaking. This would be on the same level as me meeting Piercy (Pierce Brosnan for those of you who couldn't decipher that) or Justin Timberlake. JT PEOPLE! I almost threw myself off a balcony at his concert just so he'd feel bad and come visit me in the hospital. Same level. I might even give Bill the edge since he was THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. But I still want to marry Justin Timberlake. Or maybe just press up against him for a bit. Truly a life goal realized and I still can’t believe it happened.

And that is the worst picture of me EVER, taken with a camera phone pic when we were leaving and I don't even care that I'm sharing it. Bask in the glory that is Bill and Lizzie.

The number one question I’ve gotten so far is, “did he hit on you.” No people, he did not. But if he had, well, let’s not go there :)… Here’s the link to the article in The Missoulian about it:

The rest of the weekend was full of beautiful weather, hikes with the dogs, a birthday BBQ and lawn work. As if anything else from the weekend even matters.


John said...

Your father wants to know: did you vote? Also,you have to give Bill credit for being out with the people. There should have been a picture of Bill with Jackson; that would bring in the votes. Which reminds me that the great Jedediah Jackson once met Franklin D. Roosevelt, but that is a story for another time.

btracy said...

Oh how I miss you. You`re coming to the lake, right?

And, that picture of you with Bill is awesome. That`s totally the face you make when you`re super excited.

muuaa!! Kim