Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but so many things have been happening! So there will be a rash of blog entries today and we’ll start with the 4th of July…

My second friend to visit, Danny, flew in to Missoula on the 3rd. My friend and client from Autodesk, Noah, and his wife Elizabeth and their dog Glacier soon joined him, along with my friend Sarah who was on her way to Flathead Lake to visit friends. I only have one guest room in my house so it made for some crowded living, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if it weren’t 103 DEGREES. Thankfully, no one is living in the basement apartment at my house right now so we just took the dogs down there, sat on the floor and drank Coronas in the nice coolness.

Thursday night, Paige, Justin and I took my guests out on the town for dinner and some drinking. Friday we woke up, grabbed some breakfast and made the drive to Seeley Lake. From there, we did one of my favorite hikes, which ends at a large waterfall. The walk was SO HOT and full of mosquitoes (I already looked like I had scabies on my legs because of all the bites – I know Deet is bad for you, but sometimes it’s necessary), but it was totally worth it once we got to the waterfall. The water is running so high right now that the waterfall was much larger than usual and cooled the air at least 40 degrees.

Saturday morning Noah and Elizabeth got up early to make the long drive to Glacier National Park and Danny and I met Sarah and her friend Dominic at Flathead Lake to go whitewater rafting on the lower Flathead. The float would usually take about 3 hours and include class 3-5 rapids. But the water was running so high that a lot of the rapids were washed out and we finished the trip in under two hours. Still a really good time, though. REALLY hot raft guides. And, in sticking with my dedication to Cougardom, they were all around 18 years old.

Sunday Danny was nice enough to make the 9-hour drive with me and, as usual, I got turned around in the Tri-Cities and added an hour to the trip. Danny also put up with the book on CD I bought that I thought would be good for both of us, Are you there, vodka? It’s me, Chelsea. Turns out it’s a lot of women-focused dirty stories about drinking, sex and midgets (sometimes all three at once) but Danny was a trooper and even laughed along with me sometimes…
Thanks to Danny, Sarah, Noah and Elizabeth for making the long trip to Montana. I love having friends visit!

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