Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cultus Lake

The second week in July always brings the same thing: the annual family vacation to Cultus Lake. Kim and Brian finally returned from Peru (for those of you not keeping up on their travels, their amazing blog can be found at and it was so great to see them. After making the long drive from Montana on Sunday, Jackson and I got back on the car on Monday morning and headed out. Cultus, for those of you who don’t know, is about 30 minutes past Sunriver along the Cascade Lakes Highway. I haven’t missed a year at the Lake in all my 27 years.

The week brought lots of skiing and wakeboarding, reading, swimming and hanging out with the family. In addition to the five Bennett’s and Brian, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Bill were there, along with my Uncle John and Aunt Tammy. I decided to up my wakeboarding game this year and use my brother’s fancy wakeboard with no scags and a very wide stance. Needless to say, there was a large learning curve. Good thing Brian was there with him new fancy camera to capture it in detail:

Good times. But as bad as I can be, other members of my family are amazing:

Jackson, as always, had a great time swimming and chasing the ball. He ended up running the skin off his paws by the end of the week and could hardly walk around. Poor Pantsy. I’m just bummed it’s already over!


btracy said...

Great post Lizzie. I love the three pictures of you! I agree that the week went by fast.


John said...

The stance was wide because it is the "Larry Craig Special Edition Wakeboard". (I can't believe I'm the first to get this opening).

Also, Jackson looks tired because of his week of shredding it on the slalom. It's hard to hold that rope in his mouth when cutting for the wake. Hence, Kim and Bill using their hands (though that is not apparent from Bill's picture).

Kimberly said...

Love it. Keep it up on that wakeboard, Lizzie.

Green water rocks!