Thursday, July 17, 2008

Portland friends!

The rest of my week was filled with visiting friends and wedding stuff. I will share with all of you my HORROR at realizing that my bridesmaid dress for Jenny’s wedding no longer fits. One year ago, I fit happily into the dress in the store:

Two Sundays ago I had to lay down on the bed so Jenny could attempt to zip me up (like when you’re too fat to zip up your pants) and then it was so tight I couldn’t bend to get up and she had to pull me up like a mummy. I look like a stuffed sausage waddling around like a penguin. I am going to be SO HOT walking down the aisle. So, because it obviously can’t look like this for the actual day, I’m going make you all suffer with me as I hardcore diet for a month. And that means no drinking! NOOOOOO.

Good thing I fit in enough of it over the last couple days… below are some friend pics. Miss you all already!

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Beth said...

I miss you already!