Thursday, September 11, 2008

JB + LB = Same Person

As people have been pointing out to me lately, my dad gets a bad rap on this blog (and there is a straight-up following of my dad's comments on the blogs since he likes to tell embarassing childhood stories about me. There was even a request for him to guest blog...). I tend to blame most of my irrational phobias and weird quirks on things he put me through as a child. And I still think many of them are true. I hated water sports for a long time because he would throw me off the boat and threatened to leave me if I didn't try to ski; he told me there were snakes in the logs I could see at the bottom of the lake and now I have a debilitating fear of green water, and he DID knock me off a sailboat and drag me underwater for what felt like an eternity.

BUT, after all that, we're essentially the same person: opinionated, driven, argumentative, social, self-indulgent, SLIGHTY judgmental (okay, totally judgey but I'm working on it). My dad used to tear into my school pepers with a red pen until they were unrecognizable. I took that editing knowledge and applied it to the tutoring center at UPS. I was soon asked to leave since I circled a portion of some kid's paper and wrote, "This is just stupid." I guess not everyone appreciates the straight-forward John Bennett style like I do.

But another important thing that ties the two of us together was pointed out to me recently. Look at the two photos below and tell me what you see that makes us even more alike:

Could it be we're always the only one in photos holding alcohol?? Ah yes, us Bennetts have our priorities. I love you, Dad, and don't worry, Mom gave me some quirks, too :).


John said...

Who's self-indulgent? I shall return to defend myself. Respectfully, Arnold Grove

btracy said...

Dad: You should totally be a guest blogger. Actually, could I make a request for a "JB Blog"??

Lizzie: fabulous blog, my dear.

btracy said...

oops... Kimberly wrote that last one, not Brian.

Sarah said...

You too would have a glass of wine had the hands not been holding the bouquet of flowers. I vote for the JB guest blog! He can give other fathers tips about mustaches.