Monday, September 8, 2008

Starboard Ho!

So what I love most about living here is that I get out and try all these new things that I typically wouldn't do if at home. That could be because it isn't an option in Oregon, because it's too far away, or just because I can be ridiculously lazy. But I feel like I need to take advantage of all the awesome things Montana has to offer while I can.

This weekend brought quite a few new experiences, including my first Grizzlies game on Saturday night. The team was playing Cal Poly so I hosted a BBQ, had some people over and we all watched the game. As I've said before, team sports really aren't my thing. Sports that get you dirty really aren't my thing. Tennis, skiing, aerobics classes, sure. Awesome. Bring it on. My dad tried to instill a love of sports in his first daughter, but after watching me run around mud puddles so as not to get my white soccer shoes dirty, sit down in the outfield in the fifth to eat sunflower seeds and take a nap and walking over to him on the sidelines with a look of disgust to complain about how I was sweating, he pretty much gave up. However, several years of being surrounded by men with a serious love of college football (Ducks, specifically), I've picked up enough knowledge to be able to watch the game and generally know what's happening. The Griz won this game (or, as one of my co-workers said this morning, "we didn't win, we just didn't lose") 30 to 28. Next weekend the Griz play here in Missoula so I'm going to pull out my school spirit from back in the CCHS Rams days (let's be clear - I have no school spirit when it comes to UPS), dress myself up in Griz colors and sit in the cold and rain watching my new "hometown team." Just as I felt it necessary to buy a bike to fit in when I moved here, I feel this display of Griz love (whether sincere or not) is just as necessary.

Sunday was just a FANTASTIC day. Lynda and Bill Brown invited me up to Flathead Lake to go sailing with them on their gorgeous 30' sailboat. I've been very apprehensive around sailboats ever since I got knocked off of one when I was younger (this actually happened several times. Thanks, Dad), but I knew this would be a different experience. There had been the threat of rain, but by the time I got there, the sun was poking through the clouds and the wind had just started picking up. Bill and Lynda got everything ready (while I tried to stay out of the way) and we were off. Apparently this was one of the best wind days they've had all summer so we decided to sail all the way across the lake. I got to see some RIDICULOUSLY huge houses, some of the islands around the lake, and Bill even let me steer (although I had a very hard time keeping it straight):

When we reached the other side, we anchored the boat, made a delicious lunch and sat on the deck eating and drinking wine while Lynda and Bill told me how they got into sailing, which they're quite passionate about. They do a lot of racing with their boat and usually come in in the top three. They've had three boats over the last 10 years but are really happy with the one they have now, the Dreamcatcher. Only 22 of this kind of boat were made and Bill and Lynda's was number five. There's a small kitchen, a couple small seating areas, two sleeping areas and a bathroom. Everything they need for a nice weekend up at the lake. And their dog, Moses, is a true boat dog and seem to love it just as much as they do:

From there, we took off for home. Bill thought we'd be able to use the spinnaker, but there wasn't very much wind and we ended up motoring half the way back. Of course, I didn't notice this since I was taking a wonderful nap in the sun. This wonderful nap left me with a very burned face and not so wonderful raccoon eyes. But I'd do it all again in a heart beat. Thank you, thank you to Bill and Lynda for giving me such an awesome Sunday.

PS. The whole thing made me miss you tons, Elissa and Dawson. Come visit soon!


The Quintessential Life Experience said...

This is quite possibly my favorite blog yet:
1. I love that you're finally opening your heart to college football. The good news is - it's really only 12 weeks, I feel like that's a good compromise!
2. I am very jealous of your sailing experience. It looks amazing and the picture of that yellow dog made it look even better. The downside, of course, is that we're missing a picture of the facial sunburn. Come on!

Elissa said...

We miss you too and oh man does sailing sound fun right now! I wish we could have been there!

Elissa said...

PS - You're a starboard ho...HA!

Lizzie Bennett said...

Hee! Starboard ho. Good one.

Joe Blattner said...

How is that bike you bought when you first moved here? Ready for a tune-up yet?

Brittany said...

This was a really great post, and the pictures were great! It makes me want to move there!

btracy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Sailing is great. I used to go out on Lake Michigan growing up.

I'm excited to see you in Seattle soon.


John said...

Arrgh! Capt. John wants pictures of his good mate, Capt. Jackson. I mightin' have ta keelhaul ya.

Which reminds me of my incredible parental patience invested over the years exposing all you little ones to a variety of activities. Your "post" might lead someone to doubt my sailing skills (degree from the Colgate School of Sailing), so a minor explanation is in order.

We weren't on a 30 ft yacht (of which I surmise there are only three on Flathead Lake, explaining the astounding top three finish statistic). Our rapier like racer the first outing was the 6' Sunfish. The afternoon winds at Cultus were blowing hard when we set out, promising fun and adventure. The voyage was, for the most part, without incident. As I recall, you were about five and a bit nervous, but settled in well. Near the end of our foray, a sudden gust of wind nearly took our already steeply banked Sunfish all the way over. Not only was disaster averted, but I caught your ankle as you went over the side, dragging you safely behind the boat until all was well. Instead of thanks, I was criticized. I can still see your little head, with the blonde braided ponytail, bobbing under the clear, cold water. What a memory!

As for football, go Griz!

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