Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's a new 90210 and I'm still pissed off

So, first, let me just start thing by saying I am CRANKY today. Really just kind of in a weird hate spiral and I'm dealing with it by cooking. The other night I made the BEST LASAGNA EVER from this great blog called Hot Off the Garlic Press ( Now, I really don't cook that often and when I did, it was mainly when John and I were together and I made the food taste good and he made it look good (his restaurant doesn't even have chefs - it's all about the presentation and then guests cook the food themselves. I STILL think I deserve half of his restaurants, but a lifetime of free fondue will suffice). So anyways, I made this recipe: but used prosciutto instead of chicken and no mushrooms. It was AMAZING. I got a little overwhelmed by all the steps, but then Paige came home and helped me and it all turned out great. A really different approach to lasagna and one I actually think I might like better...

Anyway, as I said, I'm cranky. I think this is from a combination of things:

1. I haven't worked out in weeks and Paige and I went to the gym this morning. It was yoga morning and we did some crazy-ass stretches and a HEAD STAND that have me hurting already. Our teacher usually doesn't like us, but today she said we did a good job. Whatever that's worth.

2. Weather. I am very much looking forward to fall and winter here, but Missoula needs to MAKE UP ITS MIND. In the morning I'm freezing cold so I put on a turtleneck and slacks. By the afternoon it's 80 degrees and the stupid college girls (who are all back in town) are running around my neighborhood in tubetop onesies. So now I'm sitting at my desk sweating and counting down the minutes to 5pm.

There are other things, like money and my stupid car and the fact that there is a humungous tree branch in my yard and that every time I try to use my stud finder to find a stud to hang my super heavy mirror from I'm reminded that 1. I wouldn't be able to lift this mirror by myself even if I DID find a stud and 2. My Aunt's husband Craig gave me that stud finder for Christmas and walked around the room making beeping noises around all the men. Funny and depressing all at the same time.

Speaking of funny and depressing, Paige and I watched the premier episode of the new 90210 last night (nice segway from the ranting tangent, right?). It was 2 hours long and I'm generally sucked in. I LOVED the original 90210 (I mean, who didn't love nerdy little David Silver and Donna Martin's weird breast implants and all the eating disorders and drug problems and how everyone dated everyone elses' boyfriends but they all still managed to stay friends and how every time one of them did something even remotely bad or sketchy, something bad would happen to them to teach them a lesson? Good times). This one is very similar, but even more "risque" for today's audience. At one point, the Brenda-like character who moves with her family from Kansas gets asked out by "the richest boy in school" who takes her all Pretty Woman-style on his private plane to have dinner in San Francisco. First of all, PLEASE. Second of all, this character, Ty Collins, FREAKED ME OUT. He was super hot, but I felt like I couldn't even look him in the eye THROUGH THE TV! Like he was creepily watching me. It was a weird feeling and I would like other opinions on this. Paige felt the same way and I think many other people feel that way, too, because I could only find one picture of him online this morning and he seems like a pretty important secondary character. Not even anything on the official 90210 Web page. Here's that one photo:

Pretty creepy, right? I also found out he's been on the show "Supernatural," which just cements my decision that I have to avert my eyes when watching future episodes with him in it (and IMDB tells me there will only be 5 more. Good). Overall, liked the show. HOTTEST TEACHER EVER is on it, rivaling my love for Father Clovis from freshman year at CCHS and Hans Ostrom from Day 1 Freshman year at UPS until FOREVER (I know I'm going to get comments about those).

So, to deal with my anger (really intense anger directed in certain directions), I'm again cooking dinner for Paige and Justin. Tonight I'm making twice baked potatoes with chicken, baked cauliflower au gratin and sauteed zucchini with onions and parmesean. All from that Hot Garlic blog which, like I said, is amazing.

Thanks to everyone for reading through my ranting and bitching. I figure, I have this blog, lets take it out here before I go home and put it in my food. Presentation is bad enough already. Love, love, love and miss you all.


Katie said...

Oh boy(:

I Love you!

Katie said...

...forgot to say: I truly did NOT enjoy the new 90210 (which is weird, since I love ALL high school shows-Gossip Girl, what what). Annie's teeth are far too white. She wore mary janes w/ bobby socks.

Elissa said...

I miss you too!!! Don't worry, Argus and I will come to Missoula soon so he can get some. At least we both have THAT to look forward to!

Lizzie Bennett said...

Very true, Katie, very true, but to me it looked like they all shopped at Forever 21 on a regular basis. Other than the one girl's blantant pimping of Chanel. And what about Ethan? He was running around in tapered pants and short-sleeved button-up shirts ALL THE WAY UNBUTTONED. Some real gems in there, that's for sure.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Whew! I'm sure glad your not angry at me. You're not angry at me, are you?

And you can't be that angry at me if you added me to your blog roll! Thanks for that!

Julie said...

As a big fan of the original, I had to watch...embarassing but true. Kathleen watched the first one and decided it was stupid and the girls did not look AT ALL like they were in high school (she should know - she is in high school). Sarah and I watched both episodes...kept thinking it was going to get better. It wasn't completely horrible, but the acting and the story did lack a bit. Creepy guy was creepy - I'm with you on that. It was the color of his eyes - that's not real, right? Euw.

hot garlic said...

Ahhwww shucks!

I clicked over from my sitemeter and lookie what I found! It makes me *SO* happy that you tried my recipe and liked it so much. I am just beaming with pride so thank-you! It did have a lot of steps didn't it -so glad you thought the effort was worth it. And I love your changes, they sound really good!

Don't be a stranger Ms. Bennett {is that your real name or are you an ardent Jane Austen fan?}

Thank you again, you made my day!


PS -Sorry about the cranky cranks! Cheer up girl!

Brittany said...

I hate the new 90210. Aaron Spelling is rolling over in his grave!

Emily said...

I totally understand your anger. I felt like that yesturday! I wanted to punch everything in sight, drop kick my computer and beat the screen with a baseball bat. Then I looked at the caldendar b/c one week out of every month (this is not my period either this happens about two weeks before)I am a psycho. I need to be locked in a cage and fed steak with don't feel bad. Maybe we have the same sickness and the only cure is steak with chocoloate heh heh j/k but seriously I want to eat meat and chocolate.

Anonymous said...

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