Monday, August 4, 2008

I ate a bee

So I've just realized that in the months since I moved here, I've been exposed to more bugs than I was in the last 5 years or so. I've gotten upwards of 100 mosquito bites, a couple bites from some kind of weird "black fly" and everyone keeps talking about the massive Hobo Spiders. Um, no thank you.

In the midst of all of this, Paige tells me about her fears of spiders crawling into her pajamas at night and Brandon sends me this: (FYI - this is PG-13. Maybe even rated R).

So last night we go out to the house our friend Joe is housesitting for on Blue Mountain for a BBQ. I go to put something in the freezer and there is a HUGE black widow in a plastic bag. Whattttt??? Apparently, Joe had it in the freezer for one of his classes. Spider identification or some crap. Right next to the food - bleh.

So THEN Paige and I go outside to jump on the trampoline (which, by the way, is MUCH HARDER now that I’m an adult. I was all winded and sweaty. Awkward.) and I put my beer down by the fence. Then, when we’re done, we go back in and I go to take a drink of my beer. I feel something in my mouth and it feels weird. I think it might be a piece of lime so I spit it out in my hand. I ATE A BEE. A BEE WAS IN MY MOUTH. Fuzzy and kind of crunchy and completely disgusting. Suddenly there’s beer all over the floor and I’m screaming in typical Lizzie fashion and dashing for the bathroom to wash my mouth out. Disgusting. So if any of you come to visit me, bring lots of Benadryl and be prepared to get some extra protein in your diet.


Brittany said...

Oh, definitely rated R:)

And, a your moth...I would be dry heaving for a week.

Alyson said...

This DOES NOT make me excited to come visit you!!!

John said...

This is simply another chapter in your unique relationship with the natural world. As a child, you frequently served as "bee-bait": you sat on a bee, a bee flew up your pant leg, a bee blew in the car window, a bee got you at sewing class, on and on. Actually, this sounds like a positive development. Eating bees garners respect in the animal kingdom, hence Jackson's and Tony's proclivity to capture and eat flying bees. Anyway, I thought you weren't drinking for awhile.

Lizzie Bennett said...

Way to call me out, Dad! It wouldn't be a true country concert without a few Coors Lights.

The Quintessential Life Experience said...

John is by FAR my favorite commenter. Maybe there's even room for a guest appearance on the blog every once in a while. I mean the stories of Lizzie are priceless and it's always funny to have one's parents provide prospective (yes, I am still laughing about the bribing with skittles to go hiking...).