Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not so Christmasy dream

So the Griz got their asses handed to them by the Richmond Spiders in the championship game on Friday. Very sad...Montanans are obviously upset. Anyway, I'm assuming the fact that we played the Spiders (what a stupid mascot BTW) is what put spiders in my my mind in the first place, but that night I had a HORRIBLE spider dream. I hate spiders anyway, but this was truly disturbing. I was in the basement apartment in my house and there were little spiders EVERYWHERE, crawling on me and up the walls. But the worst part was this disgusting spider sack hanging from the ceiling. There was a enormous black widow and some other kind of spider in it. And I couldn't leave the room because it was hanging in the stairwell and I was scared it would drop on me if I tried to leave.

Sorry, that was rambling, but my brain is in a weird place these days. I'm officially moving back to Portland on January 4th so I've been packing the house. I HATE packing. But my biggest concern right now, is what am I going to call the blog?? I can't be Montana Lizzie if I don't live in Montana! Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Creepy crawly things totally freak me out! EEEKK

OhMyHeart said...

Oh man, us LOMB girls went to JMU, who lost to y'all, so I'm not sure whether or not I'm glad at least a Va. school of some sort beat you.

Hmm, nope, still think the Spiders are pretty lame too.

Annnnnd - how about some play on words with rain boots and high heels? Portland is rainy, right? Or is that only Seattle? Oh man, I must get my butt out of the Mid-Atlantic and learn about the rest of our fair country :)

Molly said...

Maybe you should just NOT move. I can't believe you're moving back! Boo!