Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Sad Sacks

So my best friend is getting divorced. And living with me. Which means all of our combined saddness meshes together every night to equal one huge ball of ridiculous. We've taken on separate roles. She works, makes money and goes to counseling. I stay home, watch TV and cook. Together, it's a peaceful harmony. Tonight, I cooked us a delicious meal of cheddar and potato soup and garlic bread. I asked Paige (aka my husband) to pick up some champagne on the way home. It became glaringly clear that we were meant to be together when Paige was faced with the difficult decision of whether to buy the $4, $5, $6 or $32 bottle of champagne and, just like I would have, she walked in the door with the bottle of $6 Cooks. Not horrible, not great.

Just Cooks.

Paige, constantly trying to deny our alcholism, only brought home one bottle. So, after we ate and the bottle was gone, we decide to head to the gas station to get a few more. On our way back into the house, Paige turns to me with a bottle of Cooks in each hand and says, "you know when you're unemployed and getting a divorce when..."

So here's our list:

10. You downgrade from Frexinet to Cooks
9. You start to think something called "Island Lime Tequila" is a more economical way to drink than just buying tequila and limes.
8. You hold your dog a little too tight at night (and get jealous when he tries to sleep with your new roommate).
7. Your big dining experience for the week consists of meeting at the Triple Dragon chinese restaurant (that's connected to the Red Lion Inn) for the "Happy Times Lunch Special."
6. You run out of dog food and consider feeding your dog stale cereal.
5. You get a little too emotionally involved in the TLC show, Jon & Kate + 8.
4. To keep yourself occupied during the day, you're currently reading two stellar novels: The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World's Greatest Human, and My Horizontal Life: True Life Tales of One Night Stands.
3. You move in with your unemployed best friend while she's out of town, microwave some seriously sketchy shrimp, decide english muffins and Coca Cola Cherry Zero are the only safe way to go, and still don't pay rent.
2. You have honest conversations about selling drugs and whether or not you could feasibly lose enough weight to become strippers.
1. You call eachother every hour, on the hour, just to make sure the other one is in a stable state of mind (aka suicide watch).

Good times, people. Good times:


Anonymous said...

Reading this does not make your mothers sleep well at night.

Lizzie said...

Thanks, Mom. I should also have added on there, you start drunk dialing your mom on weekdays.

Diva said...

That is quite a list! Sums things up perfectly! Glorious!

EP said...

*waves* Hi! I stumbled over here from 20SB!

My best friend and I lived together last semester, and we had similar conversations. She was unemployed, and I was the one working (too much for too little money.) We drank too much too often. And we had a fantastic time, despite it all.

I really like the list.

Sara said...

Mmm, champagne. I drank three bottles with my roommate this past weekend too!However, I went for the dependably cheap Andre instead..

Elissa said...

At least your tan looks lovely...

Brittany said...

Love the list, ans I am also way to involved with Jon and Kate...he deserves so much better:)

Molly said...

You two will survive :) I would TOTALLY partake in this champagne drinking if it wasn't for those pesky parasites!! haha

Alyson said...

OK--looks like I'm coming at just the right time. While I can't promise to curb the drinking (in fact, I will likely contribute to it) I will make sure that no one resorts to stripping and drug dealing. My standards may be low, but I do have some. And stripping and drug dealing fall into the unacceptable category. I'll sell eggs before I'll do that. See you Saturday!