Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too Tall to Date

So I was recently told that I was "too tall to date." I'm almost 5'11'' and LOVE being this tall. I've always had tall friends, so I've never given a second thought to putting on an awesome pair of 4" heels and just OWNING the tallness.

So when some douchey little - and I do mean little - architect man tells me I'm too tall to date when I am looking AMAZING, I decided to say a big f you him and went in the exact opposite direction. Which is what led to these:

5" heels. I thought I could handle them. I can't. I wore them last night and was holding onto tables in order to walk to the bathroom. If I hadn't had friends to hold my hand while I was walking down the stairs, who knows where I'd be today.

Don't get me wrong - the outfit was awesome and the shoes are glorious. But I don't think being unemployed is the best time to break an ankle and end up on the emergency room.

On the bright side, Jackson seems to love the shoes:

But Jackson is also loving me being unemployed, so he's not really the best judge...


Mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

Lizzie you are glorious and you know it. Don't let d-bag architects dictate who you are :)

Diva said...

I agree you are fabulous!! From one tall girl to know if he thought you were to tall..his insecurity..I going always find him and give deliver my famous Depot Deck line! =) You are gorgeous! You embrace your tallness!

Molly said... the tetter tots didn't work out, huh? I would have killed myself wearing them. You are ballsy just for the attempt. :) Go tell the shorty architect to get effed... :)

Akirah said...

Eww. Screw him! Wear those heels girl...even if they made you 8 feet tall, you gotta do what makes you feel confident and sexy, you know?

Mandy said...

Lizzie--I am 6'1 and I love wearing heels! I broke my foot on some this summer and have had to take time off of them lately...but I just bought some cute patent pin-up looking black slingbacky ones for a wedding this weekend. Anyone who comments on my height gets punched in the nose twice--once for me and once for you!

Anonymous said...

This is a cute post and those shoes are fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

You are tall. But too tall for heels? Probably not. Then again, I've never understood why women wear high heels in the first place.