Monday, December 22, 2008

Son of a B*TCH!

Soooo... I'm currently trying to get home to Portland for Christmas. Not going to happen, apparently, since Portland is seeing the most snow it's had for 40 years. But this layover afforded me the opportunity to go to a Missoula yearly ritual: the Annual Mo Club (where I met Bill Clinton) Christmas Party. You buy a drink and you get a arms length of tickets. Throughout the night they offer up amazing baskets full of booze. Who doesn't love baskets full of booze??

So our group obviously gathered a large amount of tickets. At least 10 baskets went by without us winning when one came up: 17386. We were 17387. Of course, I screamed out (much too loudly): SON OF A B*TCH!!! Well, three baskets after that, we WON!! And this is what was included in the basket:

  • One stuffed teddy bear

  • Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey

  • A Ranier Beer Gold Towel

  • A fifth of Ruppelminze

  • A liter of Jamieson whiskey

  • Travel size Black Velvet

  • A candy cane full of M&Ms

  • Travel size of Gordon's Vodka

  • A liter of Seagrams 7

  • A liter of Evan Willaims Kentucky Bourbon

  • Travel sive Mr. Boston Peppermint Schnapps

  • Montana Griz Nike baseball hat

  • Last, but not least, a liter of Jose Cuervo

And it all came in a huge Dasani beverage cooler:

Two notable things happened after this:

1. We had an adorable boy offer to scrape off our windshield. Um, okay... go right ahead.

2. We watched "A Walk in the Clouds" and Paige made this comment about the movie: "It's a glorious life... he's old, he has limitless alcohol, he has a band, a mexican poncho and stirs up trouble. What could be better?

So true, Paige. So true. These are the moments that make me sad to leave Missoula...


Elissa said...

One of those bottiglias better be making its way to my house right now

Sara said...

God, do I hate whisky, but yay for winning alcohol!

..and I love A Walk in the Clouds, but that description makes it even better!

Anonymous said...

A bucket of booze is my fantasy, besides a naked Justin Timberlake standing in front of me.

Jyoders19 said...